A Crazy Dream

Elizabeth BanksThe dream started out as me sitting talking with Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis about something then Aykroyd tells me Ghostbusters 4 will start to film in 6 months (we all star in it). We all agree its about damn time and I leave to go to a Christmas party at Kurt Russel’s with my with my wife who was Elizabeth Banks we are having issues apparently (side note who doesn’t love her? lol).  After playing basketball with Kurt Russell’s kids at the party a little boy comes up to me asks me if i’m the one in the YouTube video doing something stupid, I say yes and get upset no one credits me as an actor, just for dumb stuff that happens. And in middle of the party Elizabeth and me get into a fight and I leave. I run into my old friend I just connected with in real life who I will call Missy (its about 5 years from now), in a store. We talk and she tells me she loves me but nothing is right lately and we can never be together. As she walks away I go thinking and run into a few friends who are super smart working on projects, then an explosion happens and people start to get shot  & disintegrated by lightning  shock waves. These robot things come in and demand Wil Wheaton (apparently even killer robots hate him….) shows himself or they kill everyone – he raises his hand  and they take him away.

Ghostbusters The Other Side 4c

After he leaves the leader says you have 2 minutes 10 seconds to contemplate your life then we kill you all. In that time my friend starts to talk to them collecting parts as she makes a EMP bomb basically setting it off and disabling them. We direct people out of the room running and avoiding army battle going on. Looking for a place to hide and someone dressed as splinter (TMNT) shows us a manhole telling us it’ll be safe below.  We go down and  get trapped in a time locked capsule, Splinter takes off his mask and reveals a man in a business suit that laughs as he gets in a limo commenting on the phone that it’ll keep them busy for awhile – that’s when I woke up with the feeling that it’d be 100 years before we were going to be let out…

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