About Us

Innovator of Madness:

Where do I begin? I was born and raised in Pennsylvania and am a paranormal enthusiast. I love comic books, Doctor Who, Stargate, sci-fi, almost anything & everything geek – which you maybe surprised includes science ;).  I play Diablo, Fallout, Civilization & SimCity, Mario Kart & many others. lol. I’ve spoken at Delaware Valley College about the paranormal. A collector of many toys and geek stuff. 😀 My goal of this site is to show off my life – not necessarily every day every moment type blog, but just the highlights….. And anything that amuses me… Let’s see where it takes me, thanks for coming along for the ride!

Have a question about something you saw on the site? email me:  madness@www.asgardhammer.com

WOT Trolloc Power

Trolloc Power!!!! or is it a header for one of the chapters of the Wheel of Time books?? We get confused alot…..

Michael Mayhew:

Where to start? I was born in a small town community in Pennsylvania, I was raised throughout many different locations in the United States. My life probably isn’t all that different than yours, the biggest difference is the lens through which we see this world.

My hopes are to be able to reach out and communicate, a flicker in the darkness for those who wander. I seek to strengthen the tenuous fibers that bind us together, and give a voice to those who may not be able to find the words for themselves. I aim to let you know, that you are not alone.

The world is a vast and scary place, but within solitude we can find the peace necessary to progress forward together. I am a guardian of my place in time, I welcome you to share this experience with me. As you step through the curtain, beware, some of the exhibits that you will witness are more dangerous than others.

I implore you to interact, email, comment, be a part of this and we’ll share in it together: mrmayhew@asgadhammer.com