Convicts of the Mind

I’ve been thinking about writing more and more lately, it might be creative, or a diary maybe even just this rambling style I use here in Asgard.  But when pondering that all I realized that so many ideas come from other ideas, like a twisted thought paradox… Back to the Thought process, Marty! (Back to future reference for the kids in the crowd).  So in my head, I have so many stories and ideas for them, that I’m constantly playing with. A few that probably won’t ever see the light of day in their current trapped form.  Though they are like convicts in my mind forced to adapt or die in my solidarity mind as they do their time just for the crime of being created.  So they stand by me when no one else does, does that make me one step from madness or closer to sanity?  Do they fuel me or do I fuel them? So many questions.

Those questions will always be a catalyst for my therapy as I write since great writers aren’t afraid to explore things they know as well as things they will never be.  Am I a great writer? No, I’m not… but what I am is a thinker, creator of things I’m proud of… So where that leads or where it takes me is only half the fun part… the other is seeing what’s next from that symmetry of life. As AC/DC said: “Who Made Who”?