Focused Vision

So we always have something brewing, cooking, stewing, well you get it, I hope….  Anyway hyperbole aside we always keep ourselves occupied over here at Asgard Hammer creativity wise.  We have started yet another project that is a unified universe stories. I’m sure you are like what in the blue blazes are unified universe stories? Well they are all stories taking place in the same literal universe. Simple eh? Well these stories will span years, or days, hell maybe a millennium…. 😉 But they are all in the same universe.  The people you meet on planet 1 may be the bad guys or the saviors of planet 12 or maybe even just a catalyst of that… or well the universe is vast with possibilities. Idea is we shall create something new for us.  We’ve both written stories before some here, some other places, but I for one have not attempted a shared, no a Focused Vision before…. So keep an eye out for that news when its live.

On the other end of ideas… our graphic novel(s) will be start to be released soon online, here at our home of for free.  Free is good, right? I mean you can pay for it if you want… 😀  But we will have blog posts with new pieces and then in our shop will be the collection updated as well in one volume (or more if we get really crazy…), so you can read it on the go if you’d like. Something new for us, something new and hopefully enjoyable for you.  In the mean time can you help get that new Swiftknot song out of my head? Later Gators, we’re onto our sci-fi odyssey….