Podcast! Go!

“He was standing at the rock,
Gathering the flock,
And getting there with no directions,
And underneath the arch,
It turned into a march,
And there he found the spark to,
Set this fucker off….
~ ‘Set it Off’ by Audioslave
An idea lit by by a spark is a dangerous thing, a thing by its own definition is madness.  A madness to be shared, a vision to be enjoyed or revealed maybe even reviled. Mr. Mayhew and myself with the occasional guest want to welcome to you to our world in a new way…. one where you can listen in and hear the madness yourself.  Yup, we decided to join this whole new fangled podcast thing…. will it last? Will it be a success? Does it matter? Not to us as we always do things to make ourselves happy, we hope you’ll join us on this idea… The show will be about an hour filled with whatever the hell we want to talk about, anything and everything – paranormal? Check. Political? Check? Some other bullshit to pass the time? Check. Keep on the lookout for our first podcast: Chronicles of Madness!


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