Where the Hell Have We Been?

I know a few of you (okay realistically maybe like 2 people) have been wondering where the hell have we been? Well i’m here to explain a little of the madness, OH YEAH! *coughing fit* For myself the last 6 months have a been a whirlwind of change, I found out I’m gonna be a dad to a gorgeous little girl who is arriving in November. So to say the least my focus has been on family and house hunting. My life seemingly started at 35 who’d have thunk it. I write this today on my 36 birthday, wondering how can I balance all my side things with this new found glory responsibility I have now. The honest answer is i’m not sure…. I’m excited about this little girl and scared – no one thing has gotten me so scared and excited ever, not my first paranormal investigation, not my first time speaking in front of a college class, not my hosting a expo that everyone told me would fail that is in year 4 now.

It’s funny as a writer I always have a hard time with names for my characters who are like my children, this little girl coming into my life has been no different… My lovely Princess has a few names picked out for our little one, none i’m “sold” on yet. LOL I have narrowed down mine to these five: Zelda, Ann, Melody, Faith, and Natalie. While, I may not win this one with her, but I have my thoughts as well.. 😉 Yes they are geeky at times and yes i’m a pain in the ass. Part of this all seems so surreal, that it feels like a dream, but when I feel her kick I smile.

I’ve also been working on some website stuff that the average user will never see, but rest assured some more art like above (I didnt draw it, though I did color it and add some digital stuff) , fun, writing and madness is coming. I can’t promise when or where, but it will arrive. As for Mr. Mayhew, well he’s always been a working man and hasn’t had a helluva alot of time to be online lately. We both are riding the wave this life generates to where ever it may lead… for me it’s something new…. will this calm my madness or fuel it? Time will tell… 😀