You Might Just Be Ok

Regret is like carrying the universe on your back then trying to run a mile against wall.  Stuck in place with nothing to show from it except exhaustion and pain.  We all have regrets, that’s nothing surprising really.  What is surprising is how much at times we let them control us and drag us down.  Many things collide with us as the years go on, some stick, some leave, and in the end we are changed – whether we know it or not.  Those collisions can leave anything from scars (Visible) to bruises (not visible but felt).  They also mold us in ways that are not apparent at the time… Think about this every moment, action, reaction, etc creates us and those around us a perfect symmetry of chaos and order. We also sometimes pass down our regrets to our kids, without realizing it we show them that it’s to be afraid of instead of lifting them up to something better than us – isn’t that way it’s supposed to be? A piece of you passed on that is to become greater than you, not just because you want them to be but because they can be….

Don’t mind me, I’m just having a few rambling thoughts on a rambling type of day…  So if you’d like leave a comment, it’s ok if you don’t but it will make me sad… lol 😀

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