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Dream Lord or Nightmare Lad?

WOT Trolloc PowerHave you ever had nightmares that after you are awake just make you go what the fuck? I’ve been having a ton of jumbled ones, that may not really qualify as nightmares, but definitely odd.  One involved trying to stop terrorists at a mall by (and yes this is crazy, but my madness is my own) using baby strollers strapped with C-4 to blow them up first… Don’t ask me how that works but in the dream it was what the plan was. Anyone care to pyscho-analyze that one? lol Another involved a mix of natural disasters floods, rain, etc. stranding a bus full of kids on a roof of 3 story building maybe, that oddly enough were from the earlier dream… Once that was solved and everyone was safe it switched to more normal with me walking through a path to castle like house (not so much in size but design…) I was definitely looking for someone or on the way to meet them, I think… Kinda gets more hazy near the end.  A lost in translation moment for sure.

I have a tendency with my work hours to wake up a lot at night, it’s rare i get straight through the night sleep.  But it made me think my creative side is wide awake right now… which for the longest time it was gone.  So maybe its all just a dream?  A crazy weird, wild dream….

“Well my preacher believes I don’t need all of these demons hangin’ on
But we both know if they don’t, I’ll get lonely, need a few to tag along”